Michael Mancilla

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2010


I've been a gamer ever since I can remember, and I've also had a huge interest for computers for a long time. In my early teens I discovered the possibility of programming and with that my way into game development. Now I study game programming at PlaygroundSquad and hope to be part of great game productions in the future. I aim at creating innovative and interactive gameplay rather than monster graphics!


- Excellent C++ knowledge
- Advanced computer knowledge (mainly PC)
- Advanced 3D-engine experience (TenGine)
- MS VS2008 Pro, MS VS2010 Pro
- Natural Motion's Morpheme experience
- Basic shader techniques (ex. blinn/phong lightning, normal           maps, skinning, stencil shadows, splat maps) 
- Basic AI techniques (ex. finite state machines, A* pathfinding)
- Basic network programming skills (Raknet)
- Basic FMOD experience
- Basic Linear Algebra (vectors, matrices etc.